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Huge Butt Plugs - How Huge Are They?

While most use normal size butt plugs, that is just not enough for some people. This is where Huge Butt Plugs comes in. I remember the first time, I thought there is no way someone is actually using them. But they do.

Normal size butt plug is usually about 4-6 inches long and about 1,2-2 inches wide at the widest point. Huge butt plug on the other hand can be much larger. They can have as much as 11 inches in length and 3,5 in width. Yeah, thats around 12 inches in  circumference. That’s a lot to take, if you ask me.

 Huge butt plug

As you can image, you will need a lot of anal lube if you want to use one of this giant butt plugs. And I mean a lot. If you are beginner in anal play, then don’t even think about getting one. You will need a lot of practice before you will be able to take one of this.

Huge Butt Plug can be made out of various materials like silicon rubber and glass. You can also choose between many different shapes of this giant toys. 

As you can probably imagine, huge butt plugs are for experienced users only. Don’t even think about using them without a proper anal training. 

Giant butt plug 

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Bunny Tail Butt Plug - The cuttest butt plug ever?

I never thought that I’ll ever put “cute” and “butt plug” in same sentence. Until I saw Bunny Tail Butt Plug that is. I can’t help myself, but this is one cute fluffy butt plug.

I heard before that some people like to hump like a rabbits, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t had this plug in mind. This sure is a toy that can bring a new meaning to role playing. I know furries love it.

Bunny Tail Butt Plug 

Bunny Tail Butt Plug is basically just like any other butt plug. Plug itself can be made out of different kind of material, but most commonly they are made out of silicon rubber or glass. The only down side it the size of the plug. Most manufacturers only make mid-size butt plug, which can be a little big for total beginners.

Bunny tail butt plug is actually made out of fox tail fur which is attached to butt plug. Not all of them are made out of authentic fox tail, but most of them are. While most of rabbit tail butt plugs have white tail, that is not the only color of rabbit tails you can find. So far I saw red, pink, black and silver. No matter which one you will pick, I’m sure you will have a lot of fun with it.

 Bunny tail plug

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Types of fox tail butt plugs

Fox tail butt plugs are very popular with furries. They are beautiful, luxurious and sensational. They are also often used as alternative for cat tail butt plug and even as wolf tail butt plug.

There is not many different type of fox tail plugs. The main difference between them is in the material plugs are made of and material fox tail is made of. Butt plugs are made out of same materials that any other plugs are made of. Most common is silicon, but you can also find some made of glass and even wood.

Fox tail plug

Fox tail are made only out of two different material. Most commonly they use de-boned authentic fox tails. People that are against animal cruelty, refuse to buy fox tail butt plug with authentic fox tail. Those can buy faux fox tail plugs.

There is a big between those to. Authentic tail come only in natural colors, which are usually red and silver. They are usually long between 16 and 18 inches. Faux fox tails on the other side can be any color you want, but you will probably find the white and the silver one. Length of this tails are very different and can be everything from 10 inches to 24 inches (the biggest one I saw).

No matter which one you like more, you can have a lot of fun with any type of fox tail anal plug. If you decide to get one, organize a fun little fox hunt party with your buddies and I’m sure all of you will have a lot of fun.

Fox tail butt plug

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Types of butt plugs

Some people, like me, love to play with a good old butt plug. But there are times when you start to ask your self, what other type of butt plug can I shove up my ass. In situations like that, it would be nice to know what types of butt plugs are out there. Here you can find some of the most comment type of butt plugs, because there is no way in hell I could list all of them.

Typical butt plug

This is the butt plug that most of us already tried out. It have thin tip which is wider in the middle, a notch to hold it in place once it is inserted, and a flared base to prevent complete insertion into the rectum. It can be made out of various material alike latex, metal, wood, glass, silicon, neoprene and even stone. I prefer the silicon one, because I can simply disinfected in in boiling water.

Butt plug

Huge Butt Plug

Huge butt plug is for serious anal play and it shouldn’t been used by amateurs. Most of them are as large as coke can, others measure even up to 9 inches in length and  7 inches in circumference and 2.25 niches in width. If this is not huge butt plug, then I don’t know what it is. Depart from normal butt plug, huge butt plugs tend to be in various shapes and forms. Excellent example of a huge butt plug like that would be “Bumps for Your Rum" butt plug.

Huge Butt Plug

Butt plug with tail

Butt plug with tail is just like typical butt plug with a special twist. This butt plugs have an different animal tail attached at the base of a plug. This plugs are usually used by people that enjoy animal role playing. With this plug is really easy to add some authenticity to pony play, pup play and other kind of role playing. Most often types of butt plugs with tail are: Pony tail butt plug, fox tail butt plug, bunny tail butt plug, devil tail butt plug, dog tail butt plug, cat tail butt plug, pig tail butt plug and some other more rare types.

Fox tail butt plug

Anal hook

Anal hook is not your average butt plug. Some will even say, this is not butt plug at all. This plug looks like fishing hook and is made out of stainless steel. Hook usually have 1,5-2 inches ball on insertable part and o-ring on the other. Some say that it looks quite terrifying and I have to agree. Anal hook is commonly used in bondage fetish, where master insert anal hook in to slave’s anus and secure the hook with rope. Rope is commonly tied to slave’s neck or some other surface. A lot of caution recommended when using anal hook.

Anal hook

Jewelry butt plug

This is real bling bling butt plug. Jewelry butt plug is usually made out of stainless steel and looks just like regular butt plug. The only exception is flared base that is decorated with  some kind of gem or ornate sculpture. Jewelry butt plug is often smaller and there for suitable to wear it for extended amount of time. It’s designed more for show then pleasure.

Jewelry butt plug

ElectroSex butt plug

ElectroSex butt plug is one electrifying sex toy. This butt plug in most cases looks just like any other anal plug, only that this ones can plugged on power unit that creates electrostimulation. This is specially made for  e-stim lovers. They are not everybody cup of tea, but some seem to love it.

Elektrosex butt plug

Vibrating butt plug

Butt plugs are mainly un-vibrating anal toys, but they are some exceptions.  Vibrating butt plug is butt plug just like any other with small difference. They have  build in vibrator that can  provide you with dynamic sensation. If you enjoy good vibrations, this is the anal plug for you.

Vibrating butt plug

Inflatable butt plug

Inflatable butt plug is a plug of his own. They are made the way that they can expand when they are in your anus. You can inflate the plug by squeezing  pressure bulb as long it reach the desired size. Inflatable butt plug is a good choice if you want a butt plug that will really fit you. With inflatable butt plug you can always get a perfect fit.

Inflatable butt plug

Ejaculating butt plug

Ever heard of ejaculating butt plug? Well, they are pretty rare, but that doesn’t mean they are any less fun. Ejaculating butt plug have a small tube inside head and squeeze bulb on the other side. By squeezing bulb you can suck up warm water in to plug and simulate orgasm. If that is your thing, then go ahead.

Ejaculating butt plug

Butt plug with cock ring

Butt plug with cock ring is plug with double role. The cock ring can help male to have longer erection, and the butt plug part makes sure male is also getting some action while penetrating in to partner. Butt plug with cock ring is normally made out of pvc or metal. If you like double action, this is the butt plug for you.

Butt plug with cock ring

Prostate massager butt plug

Prostate massager butt plug is special butt plug designed for men. With the help of this plug, men can directly stimulate there prostate. Prostate massager butt plug have a curved design, so it’s easier to locate and massage prostate. This plug doesn’t have usual flare base, instead of that, plug usually have handle, that makes use of this plug much easier.

Prostate massager butt plug

Well, this are almost all common types of butt plugs. Over the years I stumbled upon many different style and materials butt plugs are made of. I will try to add more types of butt plugs with the time.

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