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Types of fox tail butt plugs

Fox tail butt plugs are very popular with furries. They are beautiful, luxurious and sensational. They are also often used as alternative for cat tail butt plug and even as wolf tail butt plug.

There is not many different type of fox tail plugs. The main difference between them is in the material plugs are made of and material fox tail is made of. Butt plugs are made out of same materials that any other plugs are made of. Most common is silicon, but you can also find some made of glass and even wood.

Fox tail plug

Fox tail are made only out of two different material. Most commonly they use de-boned authentic fox tails. People that are against animal cruelty, refuse to buy fox tail butt plug with authentic fox tail. Those can buy faux fox tail plugs.

There is a big between those to. Authentic tail come only in natural colors, which are usually red and silver. They are usually long between 16 and 18 inches. Faux fox tails on the other side can be any color you want, but you will probably find the white and the silver one. Length of this tails are very different and can be everything from 10 inches to 24 inches (the biggest one I saw).

No matter which one you like more, you can have a lot of fun with any type of fox tail anal plug. If you decide to get one, organize a fun little fox hunt party with your buddies and I’m sure all of you will have a lot of fun.

Fox tail butt plug

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